Welcome Home

As you may have noticed, the posts are going to be sparse this week. I have a couple of major deadlines for various projects coming up and my attention is temporarily diverted elsewhere.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t share the little moments that hurt count.

I come home after a long day at work and I’m greeted with a heart warming smile as I walk through the door. After I was finished putting my coat and shoes away, I played with him and he clapped his hands excitedly. Father walks in door, kid smiles, hugs and kisses ensue…

It was a Hallmark moment if ever there was one. Well, except for the angry and frustrated wife stewing on the couch with chicken nuggets and a glass of wine because he had been a horror show all day.

But no sooner did I sit down on the couch to watch Baby Einstein’s “Santa,” than Will decided he was going to bust my chestnuts. Literally.

He loves to pull himself up to a standing position nowadays by grabbing onto whatever will support his weight. In this case, he was using my pantleg. I thought it was cute how he’d get halfway up and then fall over with a smile. Well, I don’t think he appreciated me laughing at him because all of a sudden he reached up and instead of grabbing my pants, he took hold of my scrotum and yanked himself into a standing position with great gusto.

Oh well, at least it made MJ smile.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Right back atcha on the comments, dude! And I have a Will, too. Be warned, it’s an apt name. Also, I like the fancy curtain rods still in the package in the picture of you and your Will on your homepage. Looks like you’re about as good at getting projects done around the house as my husband is… 🙂

  2. Beachdog: nice one. Well done.

    Jenny: I’m useless. My wife handles household repairs and projects. She also fixes cars in a pinch.

    Cape Cod Gal: I can’t wait til you have kids. Revenge will be so sweet.

    Jenn: Damage to a man’s testicles should not be wished upon anyone.

    JEE: You’re right. I just look forward to the nights where I’m allowed to retrieve them off the shelf, slap em on and use them. And just FYI, I told the photographer to get a few shots of you on the sly while he was there. I will post them as soon as I can! =)

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