Welcome to New Jersey

Toward the end of our car ride today, MJ suddenly turned her nose up at me in disgust and waved her hand in front of her face furiously.

“Oh my God, your ass STINKS!” she said.

Usually she’s right, my farts are horrible. But this time I was innocent, no bad gas to speak of. Seconds later, the smell was explained as we approached a sign that read “Welcome to New Jersey.”

Yup, we made it. The Garden State. I love my brother-in-law and my future sister-in-law immensely, which is obviously why we’re going to the wedding. Well, that and he got so drunk at my wedding he became the inebriated highlight of our wedding video so I feel I have to return the favor. The wedding is in Jersey because they both went to Rutgers and lived there and Michelle is from south Jersey so it makes sense. And I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful and a rollicking good time, but for a Boston boy to get married in Jersey? Oh the shame…

Needless to say I’m wearing my Red Sox hat and Patriots shirt right now.

Anyways, leaving Will with my parents was a little tougher than I expected. When it was time to drop him off I gave him a hug. And then I hugged him again. And then I realized I wasn’t letting go of him at all. I must’ve kissed him about 100 times. MJ, on the other hand, had absolutely no problem whatsoever relinquishing our first born to my parents. I don’t blame her, she’s been home with him on a daily basis for four months and I’m sure I’d need that break too. I swear I’m the chick in this relationship…

Anyways, let the weekend of debauchery begin! I mean after all, we’ll be among family and friends with no dogs, no kids and no responsibilities. And what do you think the first order of business is for a married couple alone in a hotel for the first time in a year? Oh yeah, that’s right baby…

I’m blogging using the free Wi-Fi and MJ is watching Forrest Gump on HBO. We are so exciting. Can’t you just feel the passion and excitement?

So for now, I will leave you with these introductory pictures courtesy of the Garden State:

My beautiful wife after spurning my romantic advances
My beautiful wife after spurning my romantic advances
The view from our hotel room: dead trees and a parking garage!
The view from our hotel room: dead trees and a parking garage!
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7 thoughts on “Welcome to New Jersey

  1. Wi Fi Forrest Gump is pretty wild. Next thing you know it will be Sportscenter and ironing clothes. You kids try to stay out of trouble.

  2. I have always been told that New Jersey is the “armpit of America” – I guess now it will be referred to as the “ass of America”.

  3. The stink of New Jersey has the power to ooze into your car, even if all windows and the sunroof are closed. And then when we blasted the AC for the first time down in the Carolinas, the poor Jetta reeked of Jersey AGAIN!

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