What a Croc!

I don’t do a lot of product reviews. In fact, in the three years I’ve been writing here, I’ve only done one that I can remember. And that was for Toy Story 3 on Ice. My point is I turn down 95% of requests for product reviews because I have to be really, really interested in whatever they’re selling and usually that’s not the case. So I’m not going to waste my time, or more importantly, your time, just to score some free stuff.

So when Crocs contacted me and asked if I’d try out a pair of their new shoes, I was less than enthusiastic.

After all, when I think about Crocs the first thing that comes to mind…well, it isn’t good. I think of ugly clog-like things. I think of middle-aged women in fugly, weird shoes that strategically match the color of their gardening shears. I wonder who in their right mind would willingly put such things on their feet and go out in public. Basically, I thought of these:

Even when they told me they had a new men’s line of sneakers, I was still suspect. But then I clicked on the link and had the same reaction countless others would have when I showed them the shoes.

“Those are Crocs?!?!?”

As you can see, their new line is a marked departure from the Crocs your grandmother wears. I picked out the Bowen in this color. They’re casual and stylish and look just look “normal” shoes. But the question that still remained was whether or not they would retain the infamous comfort about which all Crocs fanatics rave.

I’m not going to launch into the detailed description they provided me that deals with materials and poly-synthetic thingamajiggies and blah blah blah. If I’m writing a product review for guys, then I want to put it in easy terms that will actually make a difference as to whether you want to give this shoe a try.

First of all, they’re light. REALLY light. So light I sometimes forget I’m wearing them. They feel more like a slipper than a shoe. And when I slipped my feet in and started walking around, I knew I was in foot heaven.

Again, there’s probably some really fancy scientific materials that make this shoe so comfortable. But that stuff’s boring. What matters is how they feel, and they feel like I’m walking on some kind of gel-padded bliss. When I walk around, I feel like the bottoms of the sneakers are conforming to my feet. Hugging them. Almost like the uber-comfortable ass-dent in my couch or the Temper-Pedic memory foam mattress.

I don’t usually rave like this, but these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Every time I’m inside them I feel like my feet are getting tenderly massaged. Basically they’re a vagina for my feet. I’m not sure the Crocs marketing people will rush to use that as their new slogan, but I stand by it!

The drawbacks are few, but they are there.

First of all they’re so lightweight I worry about their durability. Only time will tell, but I’m curious to see how they hold up over the next year or so. Second, I wouldn’t do much in the way of running or hiking in them. I know they have video of Parkour freerunner Solomon Brende gallivanting around in them, but I wouldn’t recommend it. My son hit his baseball down the steep hill in the woods out back of our house, and trying to climb back up was a problem. The shoes had very little traction compared to the times I’ve had to do that while wearing my sneakers.

So that’s pretty much it. Unless you’re mountain climbing or playing sports, these shoes are absolutely terrific. I seldom recommend things to people, but at $60 these shoes are well worth it and they come in a variety of different styles and colors. You can check them all out here, and I think any guy would appreciate these as a gift. Especially with Father’s Day right around the corner.

****For full disclosure: I was sent this pair of shoes free of charge, but as always my opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation for this review.

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4 thoughts on “What a Croc!

  1. 1. That’s why I don’t blog. I’d totally push products on my readers to cash in on freebies.

    2. Good job, because I’m buying my guy a pair of these asap and wouldn’t have even known they existed if you hadn’t blogged about them.

    3. If they’re marketing to men they should give some serious thought to adopting your slogan, LMAO!!

  2. Leslie: Not bad. I wear them almost everyday so the soles are wearing out a little quicker than I’d like. But they’re still just as comfortable and in good shape. I’d still recommend them.

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