What Happened to Bath Time?

Bath time used to be one of Will’s favorite parts of the day.

As soon as we turned the water on he would squeal with glee and crawl/walk toward the running water. Arms outstretched, he’d desperately try to catch the stream of water flowing into the tub. And when we put him in there he’d splash around like baths were the coolest thing in the world.

Now? Not quite.

We might as well be filling that tub with toxic chemicals at this point. As soon as he hears the faucet running, Will starts to cry. Oh wait, I’m sorry. Crying really doesn’t adequately describe it. Horrified shrieks of death better conveys what I’m talking about. And the whole time he’s in the water he cries. He’d rather be anywhere else than in that tub. Given the choice between a bath or hanging out at R. Kelly’s house, he’d probably risk the demented rapper and getting peed on.

But nothing — and I mean NOTHING — is worse than when we try to wash his face with a cloth.

As soon as he sees us grab the washcloth he loses his mind. He stands up in the tub and tries to run away or escape over the edge. You absolutely cannot touch his face with the washcloth or pour water on his head. It drives him batty. He literally has fear in his eyes when we try to wash him. I feel awful doing it, but the kid’s gotta be cleaned.

I just wish I knew what happened. He used to love it in the tub. Now it’s the worst part of both of the day for both him and me. Does it get any better as they get older, or is this the start of the war? Experienced parents, I’m looking in your direction here.

And PS–

Will was up before 6 a.m. today. And unlike the bath mystery, I know why. It’s because of MJ’S FRIGGIN ALARM!!! And yet again, she stayed asleep while I got up to deal with him. She had been putting her phone on vibrate but she forgot this morning. I yelled at her for it and you’ll never guess what she said…

She said it was MY FAULT for not reminding her to put her phone alarm on vibrate. I nearly drowned her in the tub. If you hear police sirens in the Bourne area this morning don’t worry…it’s just me murdering my wife and placing her head on a pike outside our condo to warn all other wives and moms not to be ignorant jackasses!

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12 thoughts on “What Happened to Bath Time?

  1. I think all kids go through that stage of hating the bath. At least, all 3 of mine did, and right around Will’s age. Don’t worry, he’ll get over it… you’re just going to have to ignore his screams and keep washing.

  2. Try getting in the bathtub with him. As for MJ… I’m a woman and I feel YOUR pain… I’m a very light sleeper and so constant ringing alarms drive me insane (I have the built in type where I don’t really need one.)

  3. I wrote the above “anonymous” comment… sorry my name didn’t make it the first time.

  4. For the record, when he is at Grandma and Grandpa’s house he LOVES taking a bath! We tell him it is bath time and he runs to the tub. He does not like water on his head, though. You are clearly terrorizing the child. The authorities will be notified! 🙂

  5. Stop Waterboarding the boy and I sure he will lighten up. Or freak him out with the shower and he might realize how much nicer the bath tub is.

  6. Just checked out the link from Beachdog, and our family’s favorite bath toy was listed there- the colored bath foam! Matt loves and it and will not bath peacefully without it. You can get a two pack at Walmart for $3 or $4 dollars- well worth it we have found!
    Also, my husband bathes WITH my son a lot- it’s fun for them and mommy gets a few minutes to her self! Maybe it will solve your problem and make MJ happy? Just sayin’….

  7. LMFAO @ Waterboarding.

    My middle “child” (jury’s still out on that) screamed like someone was tearing his skin off every time. That lasted from age 2 to age 6. Every time, without fail. To this day he still hated water in his ears or on his face. Getting his hair properly shampooed and rinsed qualifies as an Olympic event. I take responsibility for his phobia though. I didn’t kid gloves the situation. With two other kids to bathe I just shoved his head under the water, got the job done and let him come to terms with it as he would, lol. A lot of people tell me I should learn to have more patience with my kids. I think it’s much easier for them to learn mommy doesn’t have patience, lol.

  8. People who keep hitting the freaking snooze button on the alarm make me SO MAD! I feel your pain and wouldn’t blame you for any acts of violence that may happen as a result of this issue. I’ve just never understood why people don’t set the alarm for when they really want to get up and then get up at that time, rather than making everybody else suffer. UGH. Sorry you have to deal with that.

  9. Ok so put some toys in the tubby, make sure the water is not too hot or cold, and encourage him to start playing with the toys. Show him it can be fun! Then, hand him the facecloth and ask him where his belly is, his nose, etc. Just don’t rush the process.

    A trick I learned a while ago is that if your child is freaking out there are two great options. 1. Put them in front of a mirror – they are usually either horrified or amused with how they look while throwing a fit, or 2. put them in warm water, it will relax them.

    So encourage tubby time to be a relaxing play time. He just happens to get cleaned at the same time, hopefully without really noticing it!

  10. My daughter is 4 and bath fright time started right around your son’s age. Now, she is fine in the tub, but as soon as it is time to wash the hair, she FREAKS! Even if we use a wet facecloth instead of the special hair washing bucket (what a waste of money), she starts to cry as soon as I mention it. As for the tub, see if he likes putting the soap in his hand and “help” you wash. This kind of took my daughters mind off of sitting in a tub of water..Lots of toys too!

  11. Our son went through that stage, too. With him, though, we figured out it was only when we rushed him. The damn kid always loved to be in there forever, and one time we rushed him out and it all started. Of course, it took us months to figure that out.

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