When Soccer Moms are Strapped

I don’t like guns. At all. If you’re a gun-toting NRA fanatic you might just want to save yourself the frustration and skip this post altogether. You’ve been warned.

There is a tragic/stupid story unfolding in Pennsylvania about an apparent murder-suicide involving a gun-toting soccer mom. If you’re lazy and don’t feel like reading the whole thing, allow me to break it down for you.

Meleanie and Scott Hain of Lebanon, PA were apparently having marital problems. Things came to a head this week when Scott moved out, but returned back home on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it appears reconciliation was not a top priority for Scott. The pair were found shot dead in their home, their three children in the house at the time of the incident.

This story would make the news no matter what, but the coverage is even more intense because Meleanie Hain gained 15 minutes of fame in Sept. 2008, when — for reasons unbeknownst to anyone — she attended her kid’s soccer game while carrying a loaded gun on her hip for all to see. Yup, that’s right. She was packing a loaded Glock 26 and openly displaying it in a public park during a children’s soccer game.

As you might imagine, some of the other parents were just a little uncomfortable.

To be fair, she had a valid license to carry. No one is disputing this. But nine days later, the local sheriff revoked Hain’s gun license citing a state law that gives police the authority to revoke a gun permit if the holder’s “character or reputation make him/her a danger to the public safety.” But Hain won the permit back on appeal, despite the judge scolding her for “scaring the devil out of people.” At the time of her death, Hain was involved in a lawsuit against the county sheriff.

Now, let’s get a few things straight. She wasn’t doing anything illegal. However, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right or smart.

This woman was at a fucking soccer game!!! Why on Earth is a loaded handgun necessary at a kid’s soccer game? Is the public park in Lebanon, PA a hotbed for gang activity? Was she trying to intimidate the other team? Maybe make the refs think twice about pulling out that yellow card on her son or daughter? But the fact that she’s brazenly wearing it on her hip for all to see is the most telling aspect of it all. Just like many gun nuts it’s all for show and to further her maverick, tough guy image. But how did that work out for her in the end?

And here’s my favorite part:

“Hain sued DeLeo in federal court, alleging that he violated her constitutional rights and prosecuted her maliciously when he took the permit away. She said that because of his actions her baby-sitting service had suffered, her children had been harassed and she had been ostracized by her neighbors in Lebanon, which has about 25,000 residents.”

Really? This woman was actually surprised that her babysitting service suffered because of a widely publicized incident involving her and a loaded weapon at a kids game?? I know it’s not nice to speak ill of the dead, but this woman sounds like she was an ignorant lunatic. What parent in his right mind would ever allow a gun-wielding soccer mom to watch his kids??? And what was the name of Meleanie Hain’s babysitting service? Locked & Loaded Daycare?

Furthermore, of course she was ostracized by her neighbors. Again, you’re carrying a loaded weapon during an event for children. There appeared to be ZERO danger and I can’t think of one single reason for her to have a loaded gun. So why is she surprised about being ignored by neighbors? Sorry, but the crazy woman with a gun is at the bottom of the list of people I’d like to invite over for a backyard BBQ.

Look, I’m fully aware there are responsible gun owners out there. And I’m all for upholding the 2nd amendment. If you want to have a gun then get it legally, follow all the safety precautions and — most important — exercise some damn common sense! Do I think it’s a good idea? No. Would I ever have a gun in my house with a child present? No. And it’s especially tough for me because two of my best friends are in the military and I’m sure they have guns at their house. They are responsible and well trained. But I would still be uncomfortable having Will in a place where there are guns. That’s just me.

But there’s a stark difference between a trusted friend with military training and leaving your kid with a renegade soccer mom who packs heat at the park for no good reason other than to incite controversy.

And, let’s not forget, she was killed by the very same weapon she was fighting so hard to maintain. Despite the NRA and all the right wing rhetoric, guns do kill people. It’s tragic what happened to the Hain family and I can’t imagine what those poor kids are going through. However, I can’t help but think this might’ve been prevented if the Hains — who were clearly not stable enough to have a license to carry — were unarmed.

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8 thoughts on “When Soccer Moms are Strapped

  1. I read the article and I have a question…who did the shooting? If it was the husband perhaps Melanie did feel that she or her children were in danger. If my ex-hunsand showed up on my porch I hope someone would shoot him; he almost killed me.

  2. I don’t think the authorities have determined who did the shooting, although the way I read it I’m inclined to believe it was the husband. But an autopsy will tell for sure.

    But it doesn’t sound like she was in danger a year ago when the whole issue about her carrying a gun at the soccer game came up. That’s my larger point.

  3. ask MJ about Lebanon…. Definitely a hot bed for the “BLOODS” especially those damm drive by buggy blastings…

  4. I own 5 guns, but they are all hunting rifles or shotguns. I own zero hand guns. As Lynard Skynard once said hand guns are made for killin’, they ain’t good for nothing else. I really think that is true and there should be some really tight laws for obtaining them. Obviously this lady had no business with a gun of any sort. I take gun safety very seriously. I was taught at a young age to respect guns at all times, and I will pass that on to my son as well.

  5. Good point Otter. I hope it goes without saying that hunting is a whole other ball of wax. There’s a point to that and there are very strict rules involved (unless you’re Dick Cheney!). But unless you’re military or involved in law enforcement, handguns and automatic weapons in general are just unnecessary in my opinion.

    Vic, those Amish are tough customers.

  6. I always ask if there are guns in the house before I let my kids stay anywhere. My therapist says that I am violating the privacy of the people I ask. I told him I don’t give a fuck. No way am I going to risk losing a child because I’m worried about offending someone.

  7. I think my mom mas attended something with her gun before. I’m not sure. She works at a gun shop on Sundays and is required to wear her side-arm. If she has to go any where after work she generally goes home and puts it in the safe first.

    I think it’s fairly ridiculous and unnecessary to worry about a child being in a house with fire arms. Like any thing else, it’s about personal responsibility. If you can’t trust the other parents judgment then don’t let them go there. Period. If you do trust them and you know them well enough to make that choice then that should cover your bases. Just because a house doesn’t have weapons doesn’t automatically make it a safe environment any more than having guns makes it unsafe.

    Would you rather your teenager be in a home with guns that are trigger locked AND in a safe with a lock and combination or in a house with an unlocked liquor cabinet and shite parental attention? Admittedly I’m biased. I have a license to carry and so does my mother. Then again I also have a lot more common sense than I see displayed in many parents. I would rather my boys be raised with an understanding of fire arms and safety than pretend they don’t exist. If they ever find themselves in a situation where a friend is showing off a gun, they will not only be comfortable telling us, they will be very clear on getting the hell away from that person. A lot of kids have accidents with their parents guns because they’re trying to show off something cool and illicit. When they become common place with safety measures ingrained, it takes away a large portion of that problem. Instead of removing guns from their reality I think it’s better to make safe handling automatic for them.

  8. JEE: There are lots of opinions, but there’s an undeniable fact:

    If there’s no gun in a house, there’s zero chance of a potentially deadly gun accident. That I know for sure.

    Will is going to know that guns exist. They won’t be removed from his reality. But they won’t be in my house and he won’t be allowed to handle them or fire them until he’s 18 and he can make that decision for himself. But it is not at all ridiculous to worry about a child being in a house with guns. That’s a very real and valid concern. To dismiss it out of hand is ridiculous. And Will doesn’t need any knowledge of guns to know that he shouldn’t be around one of his friends showing off a gun. That’s just common sense.

    Like I said, there are plenty of responsible gun owners out there and I wouldn’t want to take away anyone’s right to bear arms. But I will take my son away from homes where guns are located.

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