Where Parents and Serial Killers Meet

Sam had his first haircut this morning. Goodbye curly mullet locks of baby blonde cuteness, hello to him looking 10 years old in minutes.

Such is life when you have young ones. 

When the hairdresser began cutting, she turned to us and asked if we wanted to keep some of the hair. My initial reaction was to laugh, but before I could say or do anything my wife gave an enthusiastic yes. So we took it.

When we got home, MJ immediately went to the bookshelf and took out a Daddy Files book my brother put together for me as a gift. She opened it up and I was floored at what I saw.

More hair. Specifically, the hair from Will’s first haircut. And that’s when I worried we might have bypassed eccentric and crossed into creepy.¬†

What’s the plan with the hair and teeth we parents save? What will we do with them? What’s the end game? Because honestly, it made me feel like we had a little too much in common with some very bad people.


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8 thoughts on “Where Parents and Serial Killers Meet

  1. My sister passed away last year and a few months ago, i received a call from my niece. She was going through what was left of my sisters’ stuff and she was grossed out because she found that her mom saved all her teeth, her brothers AND her other sister. She has 4 kids of her own and she was like “first, this is gross. second, was i supposed to save all my kids teeth?” I told her she should send the teeth to her siblings….everyone should be grossed out for a little while. I have all of my sons teeth….i hope he is equally grossed out when he finds them!

    Oh, and i guess I’m a serial killer too!

  2. There’s also a small subset of us that are neither dads (until just recently) nor serial killers that find tooth and hair collecting (hirsudentopothy) delightful too. My dolls would look so much less lifeless without these authentic items.

    That said, you’re hilarious. Love the graphic.

  3. You think that’s bad, I know for a fact my mom kept my dried out umbilical cord.

  4. This made me LOL! I don’t know why, but in addition to the teeth that are in the cute little “First Tooth” containers, I have a ziploc bag of other teeth that I wait, I mean the tooth fairy collected.

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