Will & All the Single Ladies

There are many things I hope to pass on to my son. A rapier wit, unrivaled intelligence, never-ending handsomeness and gargantuan manhood. But some of my traits are better left on the sideline.

One such flaw of mine is the dreaded White Man’s Shuffle in place of actual dance moves. While I learned at an early age I would never be dancing with the stars, I hoped against hope my darling son might somehow be blessed with Fred Astaire-esque fleetness of foot. I happily dreamed of Will being the star of his middle school dances, surrounded by girls chanting “Go Will, Go Will!” as he busted some sweet moves and cut a few rugs. Hell, I would’ve settled for the Napoleon Dynamite dance.

Alas, it is not to be. The following video proves my little guy is damn cute for sure, but his geeky dancing is sure to get him exiled to the uncertainty of the far wall at dances. And not to spoil it, but make sure you watch til the end.

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