Will’s First Haircut

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Ever since Will was born and I realized I had been blessed with a son, there have been several specific events to which I have looked forward.

1) First trip to Fenway Park and his first Red Sox game. 2) First trip to Gillette Stadium for his first Patriots game. And 3) father-son trips to the barber.

Yesterday, #3 took place.

And honestly, it was way past time to do it. I wanted to get his hair cut when he turned 1, but MJ wasn’t ready. I quickly found out there’s something built into every mom’s DNA that puts off that first haircut for as long as humanly possible. I guess it has something to do with not wanting to make the leap from baby to toddler, but I just don’t get it. All I know is my son had long, blonde, curly locks and he was being mistaken for a girl, or an effeminate Canadian hockey player with a mullet.

Here's the before shot
Here's the before shot

But we couldn’t get his hair cut just anywhere. Even though MJ wanted to just pick out some kids salon nearby, I had other plans. Better plans. Plans that were cemented the minute Will was born. So yesterday we got in the car and drove an hour north to my hometown of Norton, where we visited Tom’s Barber Shop.

Tom and his son Dennis own the place, located right on Route 123 in Norton. They’ve been there for four years, and even though I live on the Cape I still travel 50 miles each way just to get my hair cut by these guys. They’re that good. Tom and Dennis have a real barbershop set-up. None of this prissy salon stuff, this is Man-Town! Nothing but clippers, straight razors and hot lather. An honest to God old school barbershop. I love it.

Granted, it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. Tom and Dennis are honest to a fault. They’re straight out of Dorchester (a section of Boston for you non-Massholes), the Boston accent is at it’s peak and you will hear some off color (and freakin’ hilarious) jokes. If you’re scared off by swearing and loud opinions, get thee to a SuperCuts bitch. But if you want a fantastic haircut by some great guys and even better barbers, this is your place!

Hell, the slogan on their business cards is “The more hair we cut, the more HEAD you get!”

That’s why it was really important for me to take Will to Tom’s for his first haircut of many. I wanted to start a tradition that involves just me and Will. Father-son bonding. And what better place to do that than at the barbershop? And what better barbershop than Tom’s, where a father and son are cutting hair together?

I didn’t want to let MJ come at first, but I was told that not letting mom come to the first haircut is definitely bad form. And I understand that, so I relented. As we walked in and smelled all the hair tonics and hot lather, I smiled and looked at my son, knowing this was the first of many future manly bonding experiences. I was worried about how Will would react, and whether or not he’d stay still. And while I knew Tom and Dennis cut kids’ hair on occasion,  Dennis is 23 and I wasn’t sure how he’d do.

Well shame on me for doubting him. He may be young, but Dennis is unbelievably skilled. He’s a total pro. Within minutes he was snipping away at Will’s hair, getting Will to stay still and look in all the right directions. You would’ve thought he had kids himself.

Will did great, and the difference in his appearance was amazing. He looked way older in just minutes. Yesterday my son officially transformed from a baby into a little boy. As an example of how Tom and Dennis go the extra mile, Dennis took a little bit of Will’s hair and attached it to a keepsake certificate that confirmed Will had his first haircut.

My little guy may have lost his golden curls yesterday, but he officially became a man. And, he has a barber. The same barber as me, his dad. And you know what? That’s pretty damn cool.

Dad and son after our haircuts
Dad and son after our haircuts

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13 thoughts on “Will’s First Haircut

  1. Very sweet that you took Will to the barber in Norton. I did that once with David for Bobby’s sentimental reasons. I can totally relate. He is so handsome!:)But maybe next haircut you could share those girly locks with my daughter who is always mistaken for a boy?

  2. Now, I too was blessed with a child, mine however is a beautiful little girl. I’m not going to let the fact that she’s a girl prevent me from looking forward to watching her first Eagles game, catching her first fish, and tromping through the woods and getting dirty with her dad. I love looking forward to these things. Great post!

  3. 1. Definitely a good choice to let MJ come along (I use the term ‘let’ loosely because I’m pretty sure you couldn’t have stopped her anyway). I would have kicked Kent’s ass (literally) if he tried to take my son for his first haircut without me. Now? I’m HAPPY to turn the task over to him.

    2. I cried for days after his first haircut. I was coerced! Mom’s are totally weird about first haircuts. And honestly? I have no idea why. I do know that I was happy when my second kid was a girl because I knew people would shut up and not bother me about getting her hair cut, haha.

    3. He is SO adorable, curls or no. It is amazing how much just getting a kid’s hair cut can make a difference in his/her appearance.

  4. What a cutie!

    I must be a total odd mom because a) I couldn’t wait to cut my kid’s hair and b) I would have been thrilled to let you go by yourself. I believe in the strength of the father/son bond. There are just some places where women should not tread. Barber shop, men’s locker room, etc.

    Great post – love how you really turned his first haircut into the start of a strong bond between the two of you.


  5. Awesome, man!

    I wish there was a similar barber shop around here. I hate going to these prissy salons my wife goes to. I’d almost rather try cutting my own hair.

  6. A friend of ours used to work at a salon, so we had her come cut Todd’s hair at our house well before he was 1. The boy has such wiry hair that when it gets too long it starts to hurt him. (Just like his daddy.)

    Now I cut the hair of all 4 males in the house. No cool styles, just trimmed short with the clippers. It’s much cheaper on a family of 8 to just do it myself!

    Will looks much older with a haircut!! (Funny how that happens.) Still as adorable as ever. 🙂

  7. “get thee to a SuperCuts bitch” LMFAO!!!!

    I had the same problem with cutting my kids hair the first time.

  8. I can soo relate to you Daddy Files. My son’s first hair cut I cried. It wasn’t until he was three years old. But god he was a cutie. Of course I kept the clippings of his first hair cut. Now at 36 my son has that buzzed look and I’m trying to get him back on growing his hair out a little. But the first hair cut is monumental. He is growing to be a little man.

  9. My kid’s hair grows like a weed, so we just had his fourth haircut today. I don’t have any really good barber shops near me, unfortunately, so we had to do one of those kid salons.

  10. Cute photos! What a treat for you.We have two girls, so there was no father-son or father-daughter first haircuts. They both liked long hair . . . almost from birth. LOL

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