Will’s First Snow

First of all, I have no idea what I’m doing with video and You Tube. As a result, you have to crane your neck to the left as you watch this because I flipped the camera in the middle of taping and didn’t know how to correct it.

But enjoy this video of Will’s first experience with snow. If you’re bored, fast forward to the 1:50 mark where I accidentally hit him in the head with a snowball. Don’t call DSS, I threw it underhanded.

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15 thoughts on “Will’s First Snow

  1. That is hilarious! The pause between the snowball hitting him and the wail was classic.

  2. So Al was checkin this out this mornin when i was gettin ready for my morning workout and V3 was actually sleeping in(Past 5AM). I hear a wailing and im thinkin V3 was ready for crazy time(Thats what anytime he’s awake is called) I beckon to alicia V3 is up she says no he’s not, it’s just Will, He feels the same way about snow as MJ… Nice

  3. “The pause between the snowball hitting him and the wail was classic.”
    I really needed a laugh and that was it!

  4. The whole thing was so funny, until you checked out MJ’s ass. Naughty Dad!!! You’re wife should be able to hit you in the balls for that! 🙂

  5. The snowball isn’t why I am calling DDS…how about on his back in the snow and no mittens?

  6. Cape Cod Gal, no guy deserves to be hit in the balls. Especially for checking out some hot wife ass.

    Chelsea, if you think that’s bad you should’ve seen me just before the camera was turned on when I was dangling him naked off our deck! But seriously, he had a full snowsuit on and he did have mittens. We took off that one mitten so he could feel the snow.

  7. David cried like that when we first brought him swimming…he was tired and unsure…

    I still think he might need his ears checked…might explain his whiny behavior…is he sleeping better?

  8. I can’t wait untill will’s like 9 and big enough to whip your ass for somthing like that. If I were you and wanted to keep that kind of thing up, I’d practice fighting dirty.

  9. Don’t let these other people tell you that checking out your wife’s ass is a bad thing! She’s your wife! You own that!! 😛

    Will is just too stinkin cute. He really didn’t like the snow, huh?

  10. Oh wow…a smiley showed up…I just meant to do this ( : P ) which is totally not creepy, but it take aways the space between the : and P and you get this pervy looking smiley…I did not know that and didn’t mean to do that! haha

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