Worst Parents Ever

We noticed Will was walking funny the last few days.

When we got him all dressed he’d wander the house as usual, but something was different. He’s pretty sturdy and sure on his feet nowadays, so we were wondering why he was traipsing around like a drunk midget. He had gone from being very steady to seemingly walking on his tip-toes and looking like a stiff breeze could blow him over in an instant.

Hell, we even made fun of him a little bit. But it turns out, it was our fault.

You see, apparently babies grow. A lot. And although we’ve been adjusting to that growth by buying him plenty of 18-24 month clothing, it seems we totally forgot about his feet. It took both of our mothers to point out what should’ve been plainly obvious: the kid had outgrown his shoes.

Here we are making fun of his walking and it turns out we’re unknowingly torturing him by practicing Chinese foot binding. The poor little guy was wearing a size 5-wide and when MJ went to the shoe store, we learned he was a size 6. Yup, we were stuffing Will’s poor feet into shoes that were a full size too small. It’s too early to determine if we’ve caused any long-lasting deformities, but preliminary results indicate he’ll be OK.

So all you parents of youngsters out there take note of this breaking news: All parts of your child grows, including his feet. Knowing is half the battle.

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11 thoughts on “Worst Parents Ever

  1. HA! My kid is almost 3 now and we STILL have issues with shoe sizing…depends on who, what, where and when you buy…they all have different sizing…don’t blame yourself, blame the manufacturer’s…(easier that way) LOL!

  2. don’t worry…a lady i was just chatting to went to get new shoes for her 2.5 year old…he was wearing a 6.5 …the shoe store fitted him for an 8. one size too small is nothing!

  3. At least you hadn’t diapered his penis out of his diaper. I’ve done that countless times and the result is the same: they walk really funny.

  4. I have three and go through this continually. There is always something that is too small. As soon as we get new shoes, we realize the socks are too small. When we replace those, we realize they need new pants.

  5. Oh come on, Cape Cod Gal, I think we all know Aaron is more likely to put him in a teen cup when that child is only 8, lmao.

  6. I’ve officially surpassed your worst parents ever situation. My 5 year old hyper extended his thumb on Sunday. (also a horrible parent for buying a trampoline) Yesterday, after the doctor told me he tore all the ligaments in his little thumb, I was reapplying ice. In an effort to see if the ice pack was still cold, I squeezed it. Around his thumb. Because I’m a Mommy Moron.

  7. That’s pretty much impossible to avoid unless you take them to be sized constantly. Our son ran around in a three pretty normally, and then I found out he was really a five. The lady at the shoe store gave me quite the look.

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